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Follow the Call of The Disco Ball: A NYE Bachelorette Styled Shoot

Say adios to the era of infamous eggplant-shaped drinkware, kitschy crowns, and party games that make everyone (especially the bride-to-be) cringe. It's time to swap the blush and bashful for bold and innovative. The bachelorette party scene is getting a fresh coat of feathers and fringe. 


Time traveling all the era’s from Barbie’s bubblegum pink reign to the 80’s electric blue bonanza, Y2K’s glittery glory days, and even a little Charleston-era tassel twirling for good measure. 'Follow the Call of the Disco Ball: A NYE Bachelorette Party’ not only is a dazzling bash offering a chance to let loose and channel your inner diva, but it also acts as a poignant metaphor, ringing in both the New Year and your bestie's exciting journey into ‘wife life’. So, buckle up, buttercup – we're about to take you on a wild ride through time!

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paper stationery bach

While my heart aches for the allure of pampas grass and macrame, I knew it was high time to shake things up a bit. I decided to flex those creative muscles and take a swing at something new—all while staying true to my undying passion for unconventional bohemian aesthetics. Because that's the delicious thing about being a boho aficionado —there are no commandments or scriptures dictating what you can and cannot do. It's a free-spirited world where you’re the Picasso of your own masterpiece, the Shakespeare of your own sonnet.

Without a moment's hesitation, I roped in our ever-talented and adventure-ready friend, Savannah of Savannah Steiger Photography. She was all hands on deck! With her flash photography skills, she captured every wild and wonderful detail of this babe-fest to perfection—exactly the way I envisioned it!

The Venue

This shoot was a kaleidoscope of creativity nestled in the least likely of places: a hair salon. Yes, you read it right, it’s not a typo, a hair salon. Because beauty parlors can absolutely become party parlors. With the fabulous Choya, owner of Melanin Beauty Bar, we transformed her salon into an unexpected playground and vibrant fusion that spins every tradition on its head. We wanted to challenge the norms and push the boundaries—because, why not? 

The Decor

To bring this vision to life, we partnered with the talented ladies at AliLou Events, who specialize in vintage rentals. They are overall a fantastic place for any decor! You name it, they have it. By blending the vibrancy of the pink feathered napkin rings and the cool sophistication of blue plates, was a combination I loved playing with. This unlikely pair danced their way into our hearts, each intricate detail adding a dash of pizzazz that made our shoot pop with personality. So go on, play matchmaker with your decor - who knows what fabulous combos you might discover?

The real show-stopper, however, was our new fringe backdrop, flushed with shades of pink, delightful pops of blue, and metallic accents, creating an eye-catching statement piece. Our balloon queen, Morgan from BallonBabe, added extra va va voom to our backdrop with a spectacular balloon garland. Her fabulous workmanship truly elevated the disco vibe, giving our setup an infectious sense of dynamism and fun.

Color Palette

Our color palette was a fiery concoction of retro glamour and unconventional chic, livened up with a hearty disco spirit. With dominant shades of hot pink and electric blue, dancing alongside silver accents that added a sleek, modern touch. To keep the palette fresh yet warm, we sprinkled minimal gold accents throughout, offering a delightful contrast.

The result? A vivacious mix that mirrored the softness of feathers colliding with the kinetic energy of fringes—all bathed in the mirrorball sparkle of disco balls scattered across the venue. 

The Details

To set this bachelorette party apart from the rest, we waved our magic wand and conjured up some unique details. Imagine ushering in the New Year with a dramatic balloon drop at midnight, sipping on cotton candy cocktails, and exploding cookies.

These unforgettable details weren't just fun—they were Instagram gold.

Mel from Ruby June Sweets brought some delightful sprinkle-stuffed explosion cookies that were not only fun but also delicious! I enjoy using her cookies instead of cakes whenever possible. Mel is truly talented and can create anything you desire for any occasion!

The Heartbeat of Authenticity

Using the salon as a venue, with its inherent charm and character, provided the perfect canvas for this eclectic masterpiece. From the vibrant décor to the unique details, every element came together to craft an unforgettable NYE bachelorette party.

Now, it's your turn to let imagination be your guide; mix unexpected elements with traditional ones to craft a celebration that is unmistakably you. Remember, the heartbeat of any memorable event is authenticity. Trends ebb and flow, but staying true to yourself is timeless. So, dare to be different; your NYE bash or any festivity ahead should echo the essence of your personal narrative—undeniably individual, remarkably you.

So here's to the lovers, the dreamers, and yes—to you rebels who toss tradition to the wind and craft celebrations as unique as your love story! Remember, the heartbeat of any memorable event is authenticity. Trends ebb and flow, but staying true to yourself is timeless. Happy planning!

Need help planning? As your wedding and/or event planner, we can help! Oftentimes if you tell the current vendors you’ve hired you want to add a little something extra, they can usually offer you a bundle. Why not get more bang for your buck?


Planning, Design, Styling, Rentals, Stationery, + Floral // Kingsley Coordination

Venue, Hair + Makeup // Melanin Beauty Bar

Balloon Garland // Balloon Babe

Vintage Rentals // AliLou Events

Cookies // Ruby June Sweets


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