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Vendor Spotlight: Crafting Sweet Art with Ruby June Sweets

In the world of custom confections, precision meets creativity to forge edible masterpieces. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on a remarkable artisan in the field of cookie artistry: Melissa Trocinski, the founder of Ruby June Sweets. Here's an inside look at her journey from a lockdown hobbyist to a sought-after creator of customized cookies that are as delightful to look at as they are to devour.

ruby june sweets cookies

A Sweet Start

Melissa's journey into cookie artistry began unassumingly - as a lockdown hobby shared on her personal Facebook page, but it wasn't long before her inbox pinged with request notifications. Her friends' desire for custom cookies turned steady, and the passion hustle transitioned into Ruby June Sweets - named for the sweet and timeless style her treats exude.

brews before i dos cookies

The Creative Genius Behind Each Bite

Melissa's creative process? It's nothing short of magic. She spills the tea, "When given the "theme" of the party I like to start with the color scheme. Once that is set, I'll roughly sketch everything in my sketchbook. I love to draw inspiration from the invitations and party supplies that will be used." 

And talk about an eye for detail! Our cookie queen brings that little extra to the dessert table, making every sugary creation uniquely yours. Melissa confesses that thinking "cookie form" is her superpower, and trust us, you'll be nodding in agreement when you see her art!

"Everyone has their own style, but my attention to small details sets me apart from others," says Melissa. Indeed, it's the precision in each swirl and dot where Ruby June Sweets finds its charm. Melissa's dexterity with icing is akin to a painter with a fine brush, where cookies become an edible canvas.

detail embroidered cookies

The Custom Cookie Experience

From concept to creation, Melissa takes you on a culinary journey, beginning with an initial consultation that establishes pricing and approximate quantities. As the special day inches closer, the final details crystallize - design tweaks and confirmations all leading to the ultimate pleasure of baking, decorating, and the final pick-up, all executed with meticulous care.

rainbow themed kids bday party cookies

For bride-to-be’s and party planners searching for the crème de la crème of cookie artists, Melissa advises to book ahead (like 3 months in advance!) And when you do, come armed with inspiration snaps and a vibe in mind, because this is one artist who can turn your confectionery fantasies into reality.


Now, if you're dialing in your I-do crew for 2024/2025, seal the deal with a cookie artist who knows her stuff, and book a coordinator who'll sweep you off your feet—hint: Kingsley Coordination, thank me later! 😉💕

taylor swift themed cookies for bride
Mean Girls themed cookies
custom 50th birthday cookies

Collaborations and Accolades

Psst, wanna hear something cool? Ruby June Sweets once whipped up some seriously rad sprinkle-stuffed cookies for a styled shoot with us that was all the rage. And darling, when you sink your teeth into these babies, it's like a surprise party in your mouth! We have worked together multiple times, but Melissa came through in a pinch on a styled shoot where her cookies were not just treats but also surprise sprinkle carriers.

disco bach party cookies

Sweet Advice for Aspiring Artists 

Navigating through a career in cookie artistry might seem daunting, but Melissa offers words of encouragement: "Do not compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own style and skills. Practice, practice, practice. Have fun with it!" It’s a heartfelt reminder to cherish one's unique talents and to value one’s work appropriately.


Furthermore, she insists on the importance of recognizing your worth, a vital piece of advice for anyone contemplating the transition from a hobbyist to a professional.

Concluding Crumbs

 Melissa Trocinski's Ruby June Sweets stands as a testament to where passion and patience can lead. Through her commitment to craftsmanship and creative flair, Melissa inspires not only those with a sweet tooth but also fellow creatives to pursue their dreams with diligence and to relish in the joy of making something beautiful.


green taupe night before wedding dinner rehersal custom bride and groom cookies

Dahlings, it's been absolutely fabulous chatting with you about the queen bee of custom cookies. If you hadn't heard of Ruby June Sweets before, you sure as sugar won't forget it now. Stay sweet and keep your party platters ready for a sprinkle of chic sophistication and a whole lotta love from Melissa Trocinski's oven.

If you've been enchanted by the exquisite designs of Ruby June Sweets, don't hesitate to reach out and add that special touch to your next celebration. With each cookie, you’re not just enjoying a treat; you're savoring a piece of art.


To learn more about Ruby June Sweets or to place an order, visit any of her links below!


Instagram: Ruby June Sweets

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