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Brooke + Aaron; Serenity Hills - Preston, MN

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Houdek - Let me start by saying that this surreal wedding day was nothing short of magic! July 29th, 2023 was truly a testament to Brooke and Aaron's love story that is a tale as old as time. With an abundance of personal touches, innovative trends, surprises and heartwarming "first looks", their special day was nothing short of extraordinary - and I still cant believe that I was lucky enough to be apart of it!

What I love doing with my couples post wedding is a little Q & A instead of the same ol, same ol photo dump blog post. This way, the couple can talk about their day, share intimate insights, give advice to future couples and relive the best moments of their day! So let's dive in and go back to where it all began... where they met!

flat lay wedding staionery suit modern boho wedding suit

Aaron and Brooke's love story is something out of a Nicholas Sparks Book - truly. They both grew up showing dairy cattle together in 4-H. Aaron was also one of Brookes brother's best friends. The summer before Brooke went off to college in 2018, Aaron started to become more than a friend. Eventually Aaron would ask for Brooke's Snapchat over Facebook before she left at the end of summer in 2018. After that day, they talked for months, and then finally in December, before ringing in 2019, they finally hung out for the first time. Aaron asked Brooke out that same night, which she replied, "It's up to you.."

I told you.... it's a love story built on butterflies and patience that whole heartedly lives up to #RelationshipGoals.

Question : Tell us about your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception -

Answer : "Well I’ll start with that we were able to get ready and take pictures at our home! This was so special! I also did a first look with my dad! I have always been a daddies girl! I have 2 sisters and a brother and I’m the only one with blue eyes like my dad! I also think I look and act the most like him so we just have a really special bond."

. . . "Our ceremony was at the Church of St. Mary in Caledonia! It is the parish I grew up in! Before our ceremony, my first grade students from the previous school year surprised me! My sister and one of the moms set it up! It was the sweetest moment and it literally meant the world to me that they did that!! The made signs, gave me an advice on marriage book, and a something blue basket! It’s a part of our day I will never forget and will hold close to my heart! ..."

. . . "Cocktail hour we stopped at Rockfilter Distillery in Spring Grove! It was nice to be outside and have a drink before we got to the reception! The reception was absolutely beautiful! People were able to enjoy the beautiful weather, drink, eat, and dance!!! We had ice cream from The Pearl because ice cream is our favorite thing! The spoons (made by Kingsley Coordination) with our names on it added such a fun touch!"
Custom Spoons: Kingsley Coordination

Question : What advice would you give to future couples for their wedding?

Answer: "SOAK IT ALL IN! It goes soooooooo fast!!!! Just stop at different moments and take it all in! Focus on each other because that’s all that really matters."

Question : What was your most anticipated part of the day?

Answer: "Our First Dance!"

Question : What ended up being your favorite part of the day?

Answer: "The final dance!! we did a private final dance at the end of the night! I 100% recommend doing this! Everyone left the building and it was just us! The entire day finally soaked in because it was just us! It was so emotionally amazing!!! I loved it!!!"

Wedding Day Last Dance Wedding Trend

Question : Any advice for those couples planning their wedding now?

Answer: Brooke: Do not stress so much about everything being perfect!!! It will all come together! Also, don’t spend your money on silly things because it all adds up! Spread your planning out, so it does not all happen at once!! Get your vendors booked early! Do a videographer!!! You will not regret it!! Enjoy the planning because I did not at some points and I wish I would’ve soaked in our engagement with a little less stress and more happiness haha! Also, book Hannah!!!! She’s fricken amazing !!!!!
Aaron: Help plan so then it is not so stressful on your fiancé!! Make sure you confirm with vendors often! Stay organized and have a binder of everything!

Question : How did you each feel at the end of the day?

Answer: Brooke: A happiness I can not even describe! Also, I was soooo tired and almost relieved that everything worked out so perfectly!! It was a crazy mix of emotions!!
Aaron: The final dance really hit me that we we were married, we were one, and we now had the same last name!! Also, felt so much love from friends and family! Gratefulness from all that made the day possible!

Some words from the couple about their experience working with us :

They would literally do anything and everything to make everything look amazing!!!! Hannah literally put sooooo much time and effort into all and I can not thank her enough! She listened to all my ideas, even though she had to pull a lot out of me! She made my vision come alive! She also spent hours decorating our venue the day before and day of! They both came and took down all the decor at the end of our day! Just nothing but amazing things to say!!!! I can not thank them enough!!!!


T H E S T E M P E R + H O U D E K S O U N D T R A C K :

Walked down the aisle to -

Turning Page by Sleeping at Last

First dance -

Father & Daughter song -

Mother & Son -

Special request songs -

Any other musical highlights/favorite musical moments?

bride & groom standing in front of wedding arch with neon sign

hollywood dip kiss between bride and groom

bride and groom laughing and walking together

Vendor Contributions:

Planning/Design: Kingsley Coordination

Videography: Wells Film Company

Catering: Rosie Doering Catering

Cake/Dessert: Confectionery & Amy Schroeder

Brooke + Aaron Wedding Spotlight

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