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A Western Disco Styled Shoot: for the Wildly in Love

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Bride and groom hand in hand walking at sunset in a bluff filled field.

The enchanting allure of disco balls continues to captivate, immersing us in the mesmerizing fusion of the 'Desert Disco' craze entwined with bohemian aesthetics. I knew there was only one person I wanted by my side for this shoot- I joined forces with the incredibly talented Savannah Steiger, a phenomenal photographer and let me tell you, it was pure magic from the start! I put together a detailed design board and pitched her my ideas and we were off! We agreed that we couldn't resist the allure of the desert disco trend but decided to put our unique spin on it, especially living amidst the breathtaking bluffs of the good ol Midwest- the shoot was aptly named "A Western Disco Styled Shoot: for the Wildly in Love.”

Bride and groom at the alter in the middle of a field.

This shoot was a wild mix of boho vibes, western charm, and disco fever, all set against the backdrop of my boyfriend Nates family farm in Houston, MN. It was the perfect location, except for one unexpected twist: a herd of mischievous cows decided to crash our shoot! They chomped on pampas, knocked over furniture, and even took a stroll down the aisle (we could tell by the hoof prints on the rugs). Despite the bovine interruption, we managed to collect ourselves quickly, reset the landscape so Savannah could do her thing and capture some truly magical moments amidst the madness.

A bride and groom sitting on a couch in a field.

A sign with disco balls, antlers and flowers sitting on the ground.

The color palette is a mix of earthy tones and vibrant pops of disco-inspired hues. Rich browns, warm oranges, and electric pink are complemented by flashes of shimmering silver.

The decor is a harmonious blend of bohemian and western elements. Pampas grass aisle decor, macramé hangings sway gently in the breeze, while the vintage decor and antlers added a touch of rustic authenticity. Glittering disco balls brought a burst of retro glamour to the scene, casting a magical glow that illuminates the entire setting while implementing one of my all time favorite movie quotes from Sweet Home Alabama to serve as the welcome sign.

The photography captures the essence of the shoot flawlessly, combining soft, dreamy shots that showcase the ethereal beauty of the bohemian elements with dynamic, energetic images that capture the spirit of the disco era. The juxtaposition of these styles creates a captivating visual narrative, telling a story of freedom, individuality, and uninhibited self-expression.

A bride and groom walking through a field at sunset.
Boho bride and groom kissing at sunset in a field.
A boho-inspired wedding ceremony set up in the middle of a field.

One of the highlights of designing this stunning styled shoot was undoubtedly the centerpiece of it all - the table itself. To bring this vision to life, I enlisted the help of the muscle behind the scenes of almost everything I do (Nate), who wielded a chainsaw to cut two logs, which served as the sturdy foundation for the table. Topping off this rustic masterpiece, I repurposed a hollow door as the tabletop, transforming it with a balancing act of bohemian charm with some Western flair, this low-sitting picnic sweetheart table became the true star of the show and exceeded all expectations. The end result? Pure brilliance!

A couple enjoys a Bohemian-inspired picnic in a western field setting.
A table set up in a grassy field.

This tablescape is a perfect example of how to combine boho, western, and disco elements into a stunning and unique setting. The disco ball centerpieces and mismatched vintage china add a playful touch. And the white macrame lanterns create a romantic and whimsical vibe, while the blue and black cushions on the ground adds a touch of comfort and coziness.

A couple enjoys a Bohemian-inspired picnic in a western field setting.

This shoot breaks all boundries and brings together seemingly disparate themes in a stunning display of creativity. It serves as a reminder that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places, and that blending different eras and styles can result in a truly unique and captivating ambiance. This fusion of bohemian, western, and disco elements opens up a world of possibilities for those seeking a fresh take on wedding aesthetics. So, let your imagination run wild and create your own fusion of styles that will leave everyone in awe.

Invitation Suite: BP Creation

Models: Sarah and Jordan Koblitz

Vendor Credits:

Design, Coordination, Rentals, Set up + Floral // Kingsley Coordination

Vintage Rentals // AliLou Events

Dress + Suit // Charlotte's Bridal

Stationery // BP Creationery

Hair + Makeup // Sarah Koblitz


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